Week One of the Homosassa River Restoration Project

Week one is now complete. Sea and Shoreline divers worked all seven days last week with amazing results. They vacuum dredged almost 27,000 square feet of river bottom. All of the muck, detritus material, and Lyngbya were pumped to the dewatering site and removed. Leaving behind crystal clear water, beautiful white sand, gravel, and lime rock. Everything worked as it should. A very successful beginning.

cleaned restored
Area Cleaned Week 1

Our permits have very strict guidelines which we must follow. Turbidity around the area we are working is constantly monitored. There were no readings outside of our permit parameters. Several small, and not so small vents, were cleared.

diver vacuum cleaning
Diver with vacuum hose



Week Two

Divers will continue to move downstream and into the small bay on the south side of the river. We must end in-water operations by November 15th (manatee season) so time is critical. Crews will again work all seven days weather permitting. Beginning the difficult job of cleaning out the Spring Cove canal should also begin this week. If you are a homeowner on the canal please assist the divers if they request something of you (move your boat perhaps).

Please be Careful.  

If you are boating in the area please be courteous of the men and women working. Watch for divers and our hoses which are resting on the bottom. As we work in the canal visibility will be bad and the area extremely tight. We certainly understand your curiosity but, if possible, do not enter the canal when the divers are in the water. For more information on the Homosassa River Restoration Project Organization click here:

barge, pump
Work barge and transfer pumps