Week two is complete as we continue to work our way downstream.

Amazing progress has been made and here is the restoration project report for week two. The weather, up until right now, has been favorable and we had a very successful restoration week. The divers continue to move downstream working their way into small inlets and bays. Still within Area “A” they vacuumed approximately 25,000 square feet sending it all to the worksite for removal. The divers now reached the mouth of the Spring Cove canal. At this point the decision was made to begin work in the canal. Just as a reminder the east side of the river up until the Fishbowl Drive bridge is considered Area “A” and the Spring Cove canal is Area “B”

area fishbowl drive bridge restoration
Area Map East of Fishbowl Drive Bridge

Operations were moved to the very end of the canal. There is a significant lack of flow within the canals. The detritus material (muck) on the bottom is often several feet thick. More material to remove translates into less square feet per day. As of the end of the work day on Monday 11/09 the divers had vacuumed a about a 100 foot section of the canal.

Slight Change of Direction

With the Tropical System approaching and the possibility of having to shut down operations for a day or two we had to make a decision. Our contract with Florida Department of Environmental Protection is very specific. The plan still remains to finish Area’s “A” and “B” before we have to end operations on November 15th but with a possible storm delay the decision was made to return to and complete Area “A” Hopefully we would then have time to return to Area “B” and complete it as well.

Week Three

Vacuuming of Area “A” should be completed and perhaps Area “B” as well. Cleaning the river bottom is only the first part of a three part restoration. Before we must be out of the water for manatee season we still have to begin Part Two, plant grasses. If weather permits we still intend to have crews working everyday right up until November 15th. Plans are already being formulated for next year and the restoration of the Homosassa River will continue.