Giving nature a helping hand

The Homosassa River Restoration. She's on her way to regaining her former glory. From the springs and headwaters, we're rebuilding the river's ecosystem foundation. Learn about that effort here.

Watch a River Come Back to Life

See the progress of the Homosassa River Restoration. And learn how the whole thing began. This site provides a way for the public to track the restoration’s progress. Read more to understand what is happening. The State of Florida is providing money to Homosassa residents to do this work. Those local residents are managing this river restoration.

This is your front row seat for understanding how to restore a river. We’ll bring you regular progress reports and updates.

What got us here

Restoration History

The restoration effort began as the vision of local citizens. They worked for over three years to make the restoration project a reality. Read what they had to do to get the job done.


See what’s happening, and why

See the plans, processes, progress, and science used in restoring the Homosassa River. Each year the State of Florida commits $50 million to Springs initiatives. Our initial funding comes that Springs budget. Florida’s Department of Environmental Protection supervises those funds.

Keep in touch

We’re here to help you understand how the Homosassa River Restoration is working. We’ll share how we are doing this work. We’ll show you how we measure and report results.

We are committed to the People of Florida. Feel free to contact us.  We look forward to answering your questions and giving better information.